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Garage Door Buying Guide

After some 30 years, we understand that the process of buying a garage door can be a daunting task.
Now more than ever, you are faced with numerous choices, selections and options, as well as the job of figuring it on your own.

To assist you in the buying process we have provided information and direction on those attributes that are important in making your decision.

Modern technology is a blessing and a curse when it comes to the design and production of garage doors.
New technology has allowed manufacturers to build amazing doors with optimal attributes suited to the harsh Canadian climate.
On the other hand, the increasing need for home builders to lower their costs has led door manufacturers to build an economical door to meet this demand.

These economical garage doors can be built to look aestically pleasing and function well initially.
But, due to a lack of structural integrity and cost cutting measures early system deterioration and/or failure is inevitable resulting in a door that cannot be repaired or isn't worth fixing.

When buying your next garage door do some homework and review the attributes essential to your purchase.

Click on the attributes below: bricks.gif

IntroPrice / Quality / Appearance / Insulation / Hardware / Windows / Security / Safety / Installation / Maintenance / Warranty / Summary

light_bulb_idea.jpgRemember:  "If You Buy From a Reputable Company, You Won't Have to Pay For a Lifetime!"

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