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Routine Maintenance

As outlined in our "It's 'Just' A Door" article routine maintenance will prolong the life of your garage door system and assist in its smooth and proper functioning.

Like a lot of other mechanical systems your garage door system's parts can wear,shrink,and vibrate loose with continued use and exposure over a number of years.

With all our service calls we perform and complete a 60-point checklist of your entire garage door system.
Here we will outline some of those things that you can potentially do yourself:

- check to see if signs of any fatigue or cracking

- make sure none of the fasteners are missing or loose
- keep perimeter and bottom rubber/vinyl weatherseal pliable
- for this purpose, use a silicone-based lubricant DO NOT USE a petroleum-based product because it may affect the flexible of the vinyl
- to keep clean use a multi-purpose vinyl cleaner and rinse with water

Spring Assembly
- apply motor oil to the length of spring and wipe with cloth to spread, and to get rid of excess oil
- the oil keeps them lubricated and prevents them from gathering moisture, thus prolonging their performance
- inspect both sides to see if cables have frays or rust - rust commonly occurs at the bottom of the door because it is frequently exposed to moisture
- extremely rusty cables should probably be replaced to prevent the imminent danger of a cable breaking

Track Assembly
   Horizontal and Vertical Tracks
- check to see if horizonal tracks are securely fastened to the wall
- check that fasteners connecting vertical and horizontal tracks have not loosen or came out
- lubricate tracks with motor oil where rollers ride, especially in the curved sections
   Track Supports/Hangers (Perforated Angle)
- check to see if horizonal tracks are securely fastened to the ceiling

Face Hardware
- check to make sure that roller wheels are not separated from their metal shafts
- run the door to see that the roller wheels rotate freely in the track often excessive bearing wear cause the rollers to bind against themselves and the track
- if there is any sign of wear on the wheels or any of the same metal bearings fall out replace those rollers as soon as possible
- if the rollers are operating properly and seem to be in good shape lubricate with motor oil keeping the roller's raceway spinning freely

- inspect for cracks or fatigue more likely to happen with light gauge hinges
- tighten all fasteners that secure hinge to the section or replace missing fasteners
- make hinges bending freely and lubricate with light motor oil again oil can would be optimum fir this procedure
   Top & Bottom Brackets


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