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"Hardware needs to wear hard."

Since appearance is the main focus at the time of purchase the hardware system gains the status of "out of sight, out of mind".

Although the hardware system does not contribute to the looks of your door its does have the important function of "making it work"

This is why it is essential to know and understand the function of the components of the hardware system.
(see Garage Door Diagram)

These components are:

1.Spring Assembly (Springs, Headshaft, Drums, Cables)

The spring assembly is the "engine" of your garage door system.
It is responsible for all the lifting of the garage door.

There are two different types of springs for sectional garage doors torsion and extension.

Professionally installed doors come with torsion springs and extension springs are usually supplied with do-it-yourself garage door packages.
Torsion springs deliver smoother and more reliable performance but for safety purposes should be installed by a professional, whereas extension springs have a simpler design for someone to install themselves.

2.Track Assembly (Horizontal and Vertical Tracks, Brackets, Supports, Hangers)

3.Face Hardware (Hinges, Rollers, Top & Bottom Brackets, Lock)

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