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Just A Door

If you’re like most people, you don’t give your garage door a second thought while using it, maybe you’re in and out all the time, or hardly ever, but when you use it, you want it to work properly. 


The problem is that doors and openers are relatively large and complex mechanical devices that people nearly never service or adjust.   They gradually wear, work their way out of adjustment and get noisier over the years until eventually something breaks and the system won’t work or worse yet, it damages your car, possessions or injures a family member or pet.  The solution to this is simple – routine regular maintenance.


You can choose professional service or do it yourself, all you need are basic lubricants and hand tools.

(See Routine Maintenance for instructions) 

Yearly routine maintenance will extend the life of the system for decades longer with high quality door systems and years for lighter duty ‘builder doors’.  Older door systems are fairly robust but, even though they can run longer, if they’re more than 15 years old, they don’t have the safety systems, warning labels, maintenance free design structure that modern high quality doors systems have.  Homeowners can be better off to update their garage, get a better, more esthetically pleasing, lower maintenance door system which, if chosen correctly, will last for decades again.  


Unfortunately these days it’s always ‘let the buyer beware’ as the advent of big box stores and less than professional door companies, selling mainly on low price, has driven down the quality of door products, service and installation.  Dealing with reputable, professional and skilled door companies, you get honest straight forward assessments of your current door system, sensible repair/replacement strategies and options to get it fixed right the first time or to avoid making bad investments.  Now, more than ever, the phrase ‘you get what you pay for’ rings true.

As we see with most customers, ‘it’s just a garage door’ only lasts until it doesn’t open when they need it to and then it becomes “how soon can you fix my garage door?”  Sometimes the answer is “you’ll have to replace your door” and now you know avoiding this is simple AND inexpensive.
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