Garage Door Buying Guide

"Please Allow us to Introduce Ourselves!"

Being in business since the 1970's, we understand that the process of buying a garage door can be a daunting task. Now more than ever, you are faced with numerous choices, selections and options, as well as the job of figuring it out on your own.

To assist you in the buying process, we have provided information and direction on those considerations and information that are important in making your decision. Whether you're a new homeowner, are updating your existing home, or getting ready to sell your house, installing a new garage door is an exciting opportunity for you to breathe new life into your home's exterior.

What follows is a collection of garage door buying information below, separated into logical headings to help you think your way through the process. When buying your next garage door, do this homework and review all the aspects essential to your purchase decision.

"Cheap sells, but it usually doesn’t last."

Price is an important consideration in the purchase of a big ticket item like a garage door. Most people set a budget figure and look to get the best value for the money they spend.

Low price is often a motivator to buy, but remember "you get what you pay for". We often hear from homeowners who regret having saved a few dollars buying an inexpensive (cheap) door, only to incur further cost and headaches soon after the installation.

As well, it is a common practice of some door companies to oversell inferior door models, portraying their attributes to be better than what they deliver. Unfortunately these practices make it hard for the consumer to determine its "real value" or compare "apples to apples". The more knowledgeable you become, the better you can decipher the differences.

Also during price comparison, the quality of installation is often overlooked. The difference between companies can have a major impact on the operation of your door system. A substandard installation can make a quality door both look and function poorly. (see more under Installation)

Higher end door products give long lasting durable appearance and are generally available in a wider variety of styles, colours and finishes for those consumers willing to spend a little more.

Your best door choice probably won't be the lowest price but it will represent the best value for your dollar.

Classic L138 & Premium L200

The Classic R12 and Premium R18 Models with the Neufoam polyurethane core make them some of the most robust and technologically advanced insulated doors on the market. These models from R-W, are fully featured, available in many colours, woodtones and panel styles while being equivalent to commercial grade doors.

Available with or without windows.

Classic & Premium Panel Styles

Colour Options

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Decorative Window Inserts

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Contemporary Classic & Premium

The Contemporary Models offer the same unrivalled craftmanship of both the Classic and Premium adding combinations of three sophisticated window sizes and two sleek panel styles. It allows you a multitude of fashionable layouts sure to compliment your home's elegant appeal.

Contemporary Panels / Colours & Windows

Under construction.

Under construction.

Under construction.

Under construction.

Under construction.

Grandview L200GV

The Grandview Model is highlighted by its extra large windows that will showcase your home with a grand view from both inside and out. The exquisitely designed window options allow for multiple individual unique looks for your house. Combined with premium R18 insulating value, the wide variety of colours and panel styles make the Grandview a perfect choice for the discerning homeowner.

Grandview Panel/Colour & Window Styles

Under construction.

Under construction.

Under construction.

Under construction.

Briarcrest L200BC

The Briarcrest Model, with its Grandview windows, Premium R18 Insulating value and its five "Carriage House" panel styles, delivers a quaint rustic appearance to your home. Ornamental hardware can be added to further convey/accent the Carriage House look.

Briarcrest Panel/Colour & Window Styles

Echo Ridge L138ER

For those desiring an even more authentic Carriage House style, there is the Echo Ridge line incorporating distinctive full surround overlay boards. This R12 model incorporates five elegant window designs uniquely crafted to suit your home's design. The versions of this nostalgic door are available in 9 base colours and 2 colours of overlay boards featured in 5 different layouts. Ornamental hardware can be added to further convey/accent the Carriage House look.

Echo Ridge Panel/Colour & Window Styles

Echo Ridge XL L200ERX

Carrying the Carriage House style to its most Authentic, the Echo Ridge XL increases the window sizes to 1/3 of the entire door height again incorporating distinctive full surround overlay boards. By combining five stunning 28" or 32" tall window designs with five architecturally distinguished panel layouts this model portrays the most visually impressive rendition of swinging Carriage doors. It is available in base colour White highlighted by overlay boards in Sandstone or White. Ornamental hardware can be added to further convey/accent the Carriage House look.

Echo Ridge XL Panel / Colour & Window Styles


The Rockwood model can be made to whatever design a homeowner can imagine. It can complete the Carriage House style at its most Authentic by delivering the appearance using real wood! A wood door brings unparalleled warmth and individuality to your home. Custom-crafted red cedar overlays covering the technologically advanced, foam-insulated steel panels offers style with unsurpassed structural integrity.

An R-W Rockwood is the ultimate door option for your home, any style or design in a sophisticated custom door with unrivalled craftsmanship and ultimate quality. A truly individual statement completely tailored to your taste and home design.

Rockwood Textures / Colours & Window Styles

Decorative Hardware